Safer Officers

For officers, there is no such thing as routine. Simple encounters can escalate. It is likely that a person who might harm an officer today was a threat to an officer in the past. Another officer may have seen that tendency, but did not have a method to post a warning, until now. Problem solved, with COPsync.

Patrol Unit MDT Software

The COPsync Network is a nationally shared network of law enforcement information. Officers add new data to the Network every day as they gather information that will be important to another officer. Information in the COPsync Network is secure, accessible only by officers, and available immediately, so there is no need to wait for critical officer safety or crime solving information to become adjudicated. COPsync is by officers for officers!

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Computers and Accessories

Whether it is MDT software or in-car video, we want your experience with us to be turnkey. Computers, tablets, mounting hardware, printers and the personnel to install all hardware and software are available from COPsync.

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