High-Target Facilities

Every American community needs to carefully assess the risk of economic and social loss if buildings in their city or town fall under attack. Municipal and private buildings are targets that need protection. People congregate in license renewal facilities, City Hall, banks, corporate centers and industrial buildings. Thousands of lives are at risk at transit hubs, shopping centers, and entertainment facilities. Local leaders, building owners and corporate managers must take aggressive measures to reduce the loss of life in the event of an attack. With COPsync, they can.


COPsync911 is a real-time threat-alert service that provides the critical things you need to inform 1st responders when your facility is threatened or under attack. With COPsync911, officers are on the scene sooner, equipped with more of the information they need to end the incident faster.

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Communities that have implemented a COPsync law enforcement application will find value in their implementation of COPsync911.

Why COPsync911? It's simple:

  • Inform the closest officers and the 9-1-1 dispatch center at the same time
  • Get officers on scene sooner, and end the attack faster
  • Get live communication with officers and the 9-1-1 dispatch center
  • Save lives