EMS & Fire

In a world where a large number of assets are needed from multiple departments for major acts of terror or violence, first responder unified communication is essential. Dispatch centers need to know the map location of EMS and Fire assets and keep them current on the status of rescues. They need 1 platform to facilitate this communication. They need COPsync.

COPsync Responder EMS and Fire

COPsync Responder EMS and Fire is a unified data communications platform that enables real-time communication among EMS and Fire assets with the 9-1-1 dispatch center. When COPsync Responder EMS and Fire is used during a COPsync911 alert, COPsync Responder EMS and Fire users may be added to the Crisis Communication Portal conversation, giving EMS and Fire representatives a live update on the status of the victims they are there to save. And if an EMS or Fire asset is in distress, they can alert the closest officers with the press of one button.

Communities that have implemented a COPsync law enforcement application and COPsync911 will find value in their implementation of COPsync Responder EMS and Fire.

Why COPsync Responder EMS and Fire? It's simple:

  • Unify data communication among all first responders
  • 9-1-1 dispatch has a live map view of all assets on one map
  • Alert the closest officers if under distress
  • Read and respond to SMS conversations with persons inside a building under attack