Court employees are at risk. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2011 report on workplace violence, government employees have a rate of workplace violence three times greater than the private sector. Court employees need protection. Court employees need COURTsync.


COURTsync is a service that enhances security in court buildings and provides a new level of protection for the building's employees. Using COURTsync, buildings under attack or employees being threatened may activate a threat-alert notification from a PC or a mobile device. The notification is broadcast to the closest officers, in their patrol cars, and to the 9-1-1 dispatch center. Plus, when an alert has been activated, everyone shares in a live silent text-based conversation.

For states where COPsync is connected to the state switch, court employees receive real-time information sharing with other courts and with law enforcement. This ability to search among people and vehicles may return a warning message that will heighten awareness and may stop a threat before it happens.

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Communities that have implemented a COPsync law enforcement application will find value in their implementation of COURTsync.

Why COURTsync? It's simple:

  • Building-wide access to an alert notification button
  • Mobile device access to an alert notification button
  • Live text communication among victims, first responders, and the dispatch center
  • Real-time access to warnings of possible threats

Texas Class C Warrant Database

In Texas, city and county governments know what it means to have a warrant backlog. There are not enough people on staff in the court to call on warrant holders, and there is not enough money to staff the officers needed to go knock on doors. The rub is that the people holding outstanding warrants are likely being stopped by officers who don't know about the outstanding warrant and then issue yet another citation. That is, until the COURTsync Texas Class C Warrant Database.

The Texas Class C Warrant Database is an upgrade to COURTsync. It is a unified database of the outstanding Class C warrants for all subscribing courts. Access to the database is shared with the 1,000's of officers on COPsync who have a presence in 80% of the counties across Texas. The officers using COPsync make thousands of traffic stops each day. When they make a traffic stop on someone with an outstanding Class C warrant issued by your court, the officer is informed and can issue a warning or clear the warrant right there at the roadside.

Texas Courts in communities that have implemented a COPsync law enforcement application and have subscribed to COURTsync, will find value in their implementation of the Texas Class C Warrant Database.

Why the Texas Class C Warrant Database? It's simple:

  • Provide 1,000s of officers real-time access to your court's warrants 24/7/365
  • Enable roadside warrant warning or clearing during traffic stops
  • Expand your warrant clearing staff to include the 1,000s of officers across Texas using COPsync