Safer Communities

Today, COPsync operates the nation's only law enforcement real-time, information-sharing network. The protection provided by COPsync has expanded to community buildings such as schools, banks, hospitals, energy companies and more.

EMS & Fire

In a world where a large number of assets are needed from multiple departments for major acts of terror or violence, first responder unified communication is essential. Dispatch centers need to know the map location of EMS and Fire assets and keep them current on the status of rescues. They need 1 platform to facilitate this communication. They need COPsync.

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Court employees are at risk. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics 2011 report on workplace violence, government employees have a rate of workplace violence three times greater than the private sector. Court employees need protection. Court employees need COURTsync.

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Hi-Target Facilities

Every American community needs to carefully assess the risk of economic and social loss if buildings in their city or town fall under attack. Local leaders, building owners and corporate managers must take aggressive measures to reduce the loss of life in the event of an attack. With COPsync, they can.

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Corporations and Lone Workers

Keeping employees safe must be a top priority for corporations. Protection for workers inside work facilities and in remote locations has become essential. COPsync responded to this need with the Smart Beacon.

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