COPsync, Inc. Customer Webinar Series

COPsync #CustomersWIN Webinar

Join COPsync, Inc. for the first webinar in our #CustomersWIN Webinar Series. Featured hosts Ron Bienvenu, CEO of COPsync, Inc., and Matt Teague, CEO of KOLOGIK, will provide updates on the state of the company, product, and future of COPsync, Inc. and our products.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 9:00AM CST. During this informative hour, our guest speakers will cover critical concerns and questions that have been most frequently asked by customers in recent weeks. To learn more or register now, click here.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Meet Ron Bienvenu, CEO of COPsync, Inc.
  • The Road so Far
  • “This Software Should Be a Game Changer!”
  • Why COPsync Was Failing
  • Our Restructuring Team - What it Means for Customers
  • How Bankruptcy Can Lead to a NEW CHAPTER
  • The Value the Product Brings to the Market
  • Meet Matt Teague, KologiK CEO
  • Who is Kologik?
  • What it takes to Emerge from Bankruptcy?
  • Keeping the Network Strong
  • Stabilizing the Company 
  • What to Expect Now
  • Closing Remarks


Host, Ron Bienvenu

Chief Executive Officer @COPsync, Inc.

Ron Bienvenu joined COPsync as CEO in 2017 and has served as the Managing Partner at Spear Point Capital Management, LLC since 2013, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice-Chairman at Nexsan, Inc. since 2017, Managing Partner at The Louisiana Buyout Fund since 2012, Chief Executive Officer at Process Software since 2011 and Managing Director at ISIS Capital Management, LLC since 2002.

Guest Speaker, Matt Teague

Chief Executive Officer @KOLOGIK

Matt Teague joined KOLOGIK as CEO in 2015 after serving as President at FirstCall Network, Inc. for six years. Matt’s leadership in technology resulted in driving profitable growth and enabling operational excellence. He is known for his strong track record of innovative product development, strategic planning and steering successful sales efforts.

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