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Double the resolution Double the range Double the smarts Half the price

Video evidence quality improved when Hi Def. hit the market. But the cost of new equipment and the ongoing costs for storage introduced new problems. That’s why you need VidTac! Hi Def. video and you control file sizes. It costs you less to buy, less to use and less to replace.

· Twin Lens Hi Definition Video and Still images

      Read license plates to 50+ feet in distance
      Department control of video resolution to manage evidence file sizes
      Improved evidence capture with Hi Def still images of key video components

· Software Driven

      Leverage the full capability of your in-vehicle computer
      Hardware and software stay current with new updates as they are released
      Triple redundant evidence backup

· Car to court complete

      Video evidence recordings securely automatically upload to evidence storage
      Simple file search and editable purge
      You choose to make playback proprietary or playable by standard media players


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