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The New Standard in Law Enforcement Video

COPsync’s Software Driven Video (SDV) leverages the power of 21st century computers that many departments already have in the patrol car. Law enforcement agencies replace the typical video system DVR with software installed on their in-vehicle PC and save thousands of dollars.

COPsync’s VidTac system is a high-end video system at low-end pricing. In fact, VidTac offers twice as much as other high-end video systems at half the price! 

     •  Double the resolution
     •  Double the range
     •  Double the smarts

With VidTac, law enforcement gets a twin lens camera system packing a 1080p hi definition video camera and a 5 megapixel still camera, both cameras in one ultra-small camera housing. The system produces twice the image clarity of other systems, and reads license plates at twice the distance. Multiple redundant drives, the flexibility for agencies to control file size, automatic detection of faces, automatic face snapshot, crash and roll over detection, siren trigger and GPS, all come standard.

With double the performance at half the price, you'll agree that VidTac sets the new standard for in-car video.

Best system price
Best system features and performance

• Half the price of other systems
• 60% replacement cost savings
• System follows the falling cost of computers 
• Eliminate expensive DVR hardware
• Reduces long-term storage costs 
      with adjustable file size control
• Reduces training costs  
      because of ease of use

   • 1080p high-definition video
• 5 megapixel snapshots
• Twin lens for video and snapshot
       at the same time
• Auto face detection and snapshot
• Clearly see license plates 50+ feet away
• Redundant back-up

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