In-Car Video

COPsync's Software Driven Video (SDV) system, VidTac®, introduces the next generation in managing video evidence, and at the same time positions departments to reduce their overall patrol vehicle equipment cost.

Agencies purchasing in-car video from COPsync get features that exceed those of a typical high-end video system, simplified installation, increased ease of use, and better visibility in the patrol car because there are fewer and smaller parts.


VidTac is a Software Driven in-car video system. With industry leading features like true 1080p high-def video, 5mp still images, the ability to read license plates beyond 50 feet away, agency controlled file sizes, and triple redundant evidence storage, the VidTac system can record better video, has more features, and can store more video securely than other systems. All this, in a high-end video system that costs less than others in its class.

VidTac extends from the patrol car to the evidence locker and all the way into the courtroom. With secure storage, encrypted transport, and playback format selectable by the agency, chain of custody is locked.

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Because VidTac is powered by software installed on the MDT already in many patrol cars, the system increases user flexibility and is automatically enabled with...

  • Ability to export via Wifi or Cellular
  • Live, remote access for streaming video
  • Real-time support telemetry
  • Faster resolution to telephone support issues
  • No-cost updates published monthly by COPsync
  • Reduced cost of replacement

Why VidTac? It's simple:

  • Double the resolution of other cameras
  • Double the range of other cameras
  • Double the smarts of other cameras
  • Half the price of other cameras

From over 600 Law Enforcement Agencies to Courthouses to Schools and Companies, COPsync is helping to better prepare our officers and keep our communities safer.

Wireless Video Transfer

The secure movement of video evidence files from the patrol car to the evidence locker is expected these days. But sometimes that security comes with the compromise of slow file transfer speeds.

VidTac provides secure file transfer, optimized transfer speed, and hands-on factory authorized project management and installation personnel to give you the peace of mind that it is done right. (Requires VidTac controller, access points, and configuration)

Video Storage

VidTac provides all of the products and services needed to create electronic storage for video evidence files.

The VidTac Storage Server software comes packaged with the VidTac system. Since storage requirements change for every agency, sales representatives will assist each customer in determining the amount of hardware storage needed.

Concerned about running out of space? VidTac will reduce your worry. With smart retention policy management, VidTac will automatically purge old evidence files based on rules you input into the system.