Officer Safety

With COPsync, officers instantly access local, state and federal law enforcement databases efficiently gather information at the point of incident and immediately share critical data with all officers on the COPsync Network.

Before an officer gets out of their patrol car, they are armed with more information about the person they just pulled over.

We want to protect officers. Learn more about our story.

Welcome to COPsync

COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ: COYN) technology was developed to save officer’s lives through improved real-time communication and helps them prevent and respond more quickly to crime, even crime in progress.

Officer Safety - Officers have instant access to actionable, mission-critical data, share information, and communicate in real-time with other officers and agencies, even those hundreds and thousands of miles away.

School Safety and Building Security - COPsync’s threat-alert system COPsync911, enables schools, courts, hospitals and other potentially at-risk facilities to automatically and silently send emergency alerts to local law enforcement officers in their patrol cars during a crisis, thereby speeding first responder response time and saving minutes when seconds count.

A Texas agency used COPsync to seize over 1 million dollars (US currency) in one traffic stop from a trafficker. February 2016.

Making Schools Safer

  • 1
    Building Under Threat.
  • 2
    Staff Person clicks COPsync911 on a computer or mobile device.
  • 3
    If staff person clicks to confirm or 15 second pass with no activity, alert is sent.
  • 4
    Alert sent directly to the 5 closest officer and dispatch officers communicate directly with each other and threat location.
  • 5
    Officers rush to the building and go to the precise location of the incident based on real time communication from those on the system.
  • 6
    Dispatch adds EMS and Fire to communicate live with the building and officers.

COPsync911 works!

A student was making terroristic threats to a teacher at a school; threatening to kill and murder. The teacher pressed the COPsync911 alert. The local police agency responded within minutes and diffused the situation. No students or teachers were harmed.

Customer Testimonials

  • COPsync is great for officer safety.

    -Bob Montgomery,
     Chief of Police Lometa, Texas

  • COPsync gives me the peace of mind that I thought I lost forever.

    -High School Teacher
     Sweetwater, Texas

  • I commend the COPsync Network for providing this lifesaving technology and COPsync911 for protecting New Jersey’s educational institutions.

    -Mayor Jose Torres
     Paterson, New Jersey

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